Going Green: Planning an Earth-Conscious Wedding

These days, many couples choose to have an eco-friendly wedding that is good for the earth and also spreads a great message on sustainability. Here are some tips that will help you achieve a wedding that is both extravagant and sustainable.

1. The Venue

Planning an eco-friendly wedding starts with the venue in mind. Most nature-loving couples who choose to have an eco-friendly wedding want to be close to nature, and the outdoors is an ideal option for that. Staying close to Mother Nature by being surrounded by the trees is perfect for the occasion. Not only is it relaxing and refreshing, but it also cuts down on energy used for artificial lighting. But if you prefer to stay indoors, you can search for hotels and event spaces with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications and Energy Star ratings.

2. The Invitations

You may choose to go fully paperless and stick to a digital format for your invitations. Another great option is to find a vendor that uses recycled materials for their paper and printing. Some vendors also have eco-friendly initiatives and plant trees for every order they receive.

3. The Decorations

Choose double-purpose items as decorations or place cards that can later be given away to guests as wedding favors. Small plants like succulents and cacti in small concrete pots serve as both escort cards and wedding tokens.

4. Vintage Dresses and Heirlooms

Wedding gowns are usually worn only once. But why not re-use and restyle your mom’s white dress? You may also opt to visit a vintage shop or a wedding gown rental to find a dress that suits you. If you still feel odd about wearing used clothes, look for suppliers that use recycled fabrics.

5. Donate

Instead of keeping your bouquet or leaving your floral decor after the wedding, take them to a hospital or a senior home. Not only will this gesture make the elderly or hospital patients happy, but you have extended the use of your sweet blooms. As for leftover food, speak with your caterers in advance so they can make the necessary arrangements to contact food banks or a local shelter to collect and distribute.

Whether or not you choose an eco-friendly theme on your wedding day, you can incorporate some tips in any wedding theme you pick for a more environmentally and socially conscious big day.

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